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Yarraville Refinery

Sugar Australia's Yarraville Refinery in Melbourne is Australia's longest-established sugar refinery. Sugar refining has been conducted on the site since 1873. Many modifications have been made to the site and process over the years to provide efficient and highly-automated production and packaging of a broad range of refined sugar products. The Yarraville Refinery can produce up to 300,000 tonnes per annum. 

Raw sugar for the Yarraville refinery is sourced from Queensland where it has been milled from Australian -grown sugar cane. The main sugar refining processing steps at Yarraville are: dissolving and heating to 82 degrees C, clarification by phosphatation, deep bed filtration, decolourisation over granular activated carbon, crystallisation, separation of crystals from syrup by centrifuging, drying, crystal size classification by sieving, and then packaging.

A substantial amount of refined sugar is delivered to customers in bulk road tankers in both crystal and liquid form. Yarraville produces a wide range of packaged sugar products including retail 1kg and 2kg white sugar in paper packets, retail white sugar in plastic packets, 15kg bags for the food service industry, 25kg bags and 1 tonne bulk bags for industrial customers, liquid sugar, invert syrup, golden syrup, treacle and brown sugars in a range of retail and industrial pack sizes. An affiliated site mills white sugar to produce a range of icing sugars.

The benefit of the location of the Yarraville refinery in Melbourne is its proximity to some of the major food manufacturing industries in Australia which use refined sugar as an ingredient, and the site's access to wharf facilities on the Maribyrnong River for receiving bulk raw sugar.

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