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Industry Information

The final product

Sugar Australia refines and markets a range of crystal sugars for the industrial and consumer markets. Our range of industrial crystal sugars include: Manufacturers' White Sugar, Premium Crystal Sugar, Graded White Sugar, Caster Sugar, Extra Coarse White Sugar, Brown and Dark Brown Sugar, Raw Sugar and Icing Sugars. Our range of consumer crystal sugars is sold under the CSR Sugar brand and includes: White Sugar, Caster Sugar, Brown and Dark Brown Sugar, Raw Sugar, Coffee Crystals, Demerara and a variety of icing sugars.

Sugar Australia offers a full range of liquid sugars that are used widely in industry. Liquid sugar is taken from the refining process prior to crystallisation, or can be made by dissolving white sugar in treated water and provides our customers with a convenient source of sugar for producing beverage or food products.

Treacle and Golden Syrup are popular syrups that are refined and marketed by Sugar Australia. Treacle is made from syrups that remain after white sugar is removed from the refining process. It has a distinctively strong flavour and dark colour. Golden Syrup is similar to Treacle, however to produce the familiar golden colour, the syrup passes through a decolourisation process.