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Caking of sugar can be a common issue with sugar customers under certain conditions. "Caking" is the change from a free flowing granular product to one containing agglomerated crystals or lumps. It is caused by the migration of moisture within the stored sugar across the crystals. Customers haev a strong demand for a high quality, free flowing product devoid of "caking".

Sugar Australia's Racecourse refinery is leading the industry with an advanced sugar conditioning process. The fundamental element of the process is the inclusion of a special conditioning silo at the end of the refinery drying stage. After the refined sugar leaves the drier, it enters a 3,000 tonne capacity conditioning silo for a period of 50 hours where filtered low humidity air is allowed to percolate through the stored sugar. This has the effect of extracting and stabilising a substantial portion of the retained moisture on the surface and within the sugar crystal.

Once the sugar has been treated in this way, it remains free flowing provided it is not subjected to high levels of humidity. Conditioning ensures we can provide our customers with a high quality free-flowing product.



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